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Best selling Carp fishing nets

Best selling Carp fishing nets

As we approach spring we can expect to see carp fish return to the waters. This means many of you will be out carp fishing and will be stocking up on gear to make sure you are ready for a successful season. A carp fishing net is something that we recommend all carp anglers take with them to help them catch big. We have put together a blog of some of our most popular ones for you to have a look at.  


1. Sonik Vader X Net 42in 1PC


These Sonik nets are manufactured with careful attention to detail. The super stiff net arms come with curved end protectors and are matched to a medium depth green quick release with a discrete matt finish. An affordable carp net which should be considered. 


2. NGT 42in Camo Specimen Carp Net


A camo landing net which comes with a black metal spreader block. Complete with a storage bag which you will be happy to have with you when it comes to those rainy days which we are sure to have in store. The pole is not included in this but with what it is you are sure to be covered when out carp fishing. 


3. Sonik Xtractor Net 42in.(T44)


Built to perform and featuring a 2-piece handle with fittings which are glued and pinned for ultra reliability. The tough glass filled nylon spreader block has a shaped cross brace for mesh retention, allowing quick net manoeuvre and smooth mesh release. A generous depth of 95cm strikes a perfect balance for temporarily holding fish and moving quickly through the water. 


4. Trakker Sanctuary T3 Landing Net


Whats great about this net is how easy it is to assemble, so you will not be wasting precious fishing time trying to put it together. Features carbon arms, a Japanese shrink grip, a matt black handle, free-flow 42 olive mesh and it is supplied with a drawcord carry bag. The matt black handle also adds to the style this landing net has. 


5. Nash Dwarf 42in Landing Net


Nash are another brand who produce great carp fishing nets and this one is no different. There is an easy flow black mesh which feature shrink grip handles and matte black whippings. This net is also able to extend from 44 inched to 6 feet 2 inches which gives you plenty of range to work with. 


We hope that you have seen some great carp fishing nets that you want to get your hands on. If you have any questions about any of these then please give us a call on 0151 260 6015 or visit our Liverpool store. 

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