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What Is New This Week

What Is New This Week

At Taskers Angling this week we have some gear which is back in our store. These include a mixture of baits, lures and fishing nets. We know you are going to be wanting to take these out to the water with you so make sure you get what you want. Have a read through todays blog to see what catches your eye. 


1. Leeda Flip Up trout Net 50cm Head


This great value for money net head is something that we think that all anglers should have. It is suitable when it comes to catch and release. Has a strong yet lightweight flip up head design. Compact folding, extending 2 piece with a bed clip and lanyard. 


2. Nash Maggot Screws


Screw into any hookbait to instantly add the attraction of live maggots to zip foam, pop-ups, boilies or nuts. This is a great one to have in your tackle box so that you are very well prepared for whatever happens when you are out by the water. 


3. Nash Water Container 5L


Perfect for transporting your water to and from the water. Comes with a Nash logo to make it look stylish and should fit easily into a barrow storage compartment so it is easily transportable. We recommend that every angler take one with them when they are out fishing so that they are fully stocked up with water. 


4. Nash Siren Snag Ears


Snag ear protection. Attaches over 3/8 BSF threads to all bansticks and buzzer bars, perfect for siren S5 and S5R alarms and with a universal fit for other models. Strong metal arms prevent the rods from being pulled from the rests when snag fishing or if you are locked up in weeds. Arms are also individually removable. 


5. Savage Gear 4D Perch Shad 17.5cm 68g Loose Body


Features immaculate details and a fantastic rocking and kicking swimming action. Extra attraction is added by the Photo Print colours, the mounted glass rattle in the tail and the added strike-triggering scent. Definitely one to take out to the water with you. 


We hope that you like our new gear and that you want to get your hands on some of it. If you have any questions then please visit our store or give us a call on 0151 260 6015.

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