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Our best selling Sonik gear

Our best selling Sonik gear

Sonik is one of the great brands that we stock our gear from. They offer a wide range of products including bedchairs, bivvies, rods, alarms and reels. Have a read through todays blog to have a look at some of our most popular Sonik fishing gear. 


1. Sonik Vader X Rod Pod


These are compact, stable and quick to setup and very adaptable for any fishing situation. The goal post style buzz bars and bansticks can also be used without the base unit on softer ground. They are compact in size but fully adjustable in both length and height and are finished in a sleet matt black finish.


2. Sonik SK-Tek Sleep System


A warmer and lighter design which makes the bed more compact than ever before. You can move the two outer legs into their optimum position to provide extra stability and support across the entire length of the bed. The new Xpanda attachment system allows the sleeping bag insulation to form to your body whilst keeping the convenience of a dedicated sleep system. 


3. Sonik AXS Bivvy


Like many of Sonik's other bivvies this is built around around a lightweight aluminium frame which provides an ultra quick and stable setup. The frame is shaped with a flat back and steep sides to other maximum internal space. The integral peak with rain drip guards offers more protection and is perfect to cover levelbed and equipment from the elements. The bivvy also features a zip on/off front panel complete with mozzy side windows and a fully customisable back door. 


4. Sonik VaderX RS Carp Rod 3lb


An evolved and refined version of the previous vaderx carp rods. There is a sleek black armoured finish to make the rod look very stylish. M-series updates give the rod tip phenomenal recovery speed for crisp and accurate casting. There is still the elegant vaderx look with subtle red tipping.  


5. Sonik Vader X 8000RS


Designed to meet the requirements of a modern carp angler who is looking for top quality performance, looks and value for money. The spool design gives smooth long casts and the ultra-fast retrieve rate makes it ideal for fishing or spodding alike. Each crank of the handle recovers up to 1.1M of line so it is great for fishing. 


We hope that you have seen some great Sonik gear that you want to get your hands on. If you have any questions about anything then please visit our store or give us a call on 0151 260 6015.

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