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This Weeks Newest Gear

This Weeks Newest Gear

Recently at Taskers Angling we have seen some great new fishing gear come into our store which you can get your hands on now. We thought that we would bring you some more information on these products so you know a bit more about them. Have a read through our blog to find out more. 


1. Middy White Knuckle CX Series Twin Thread 3m Handle


This take apart handle is a 3pc design now featuring a rivet end thread. Both the second and third are threaded and this unique design allows you to use it at 3m for Silver Fish|F1 and as a super strong 2m handle for F1/double figure carp and speed scoping. This really is a handle that will work for all jobs. 


2. Middy Battlezone 2m Tele Handle


A telescopic 2 metre carbon carp match landing handle, with a strong phenolic fibre construction and a robust one-piece thread. It carry's Middy's famous battlezone name and it is priced very affordably. Definitely one to look at getting. 


3. Middy Battlezone 4m Ready-to-Fish Whip Outfit


Super strong with an elastic rating of 24 and it comes ready elasticated with hi-viz. A free pole rig is also included, all you need to do is add the bait and you are ready to fish. It offers fantastic value for money and is probably the best 4m whip outfit available. 


4. Savage Gear Surf Seeker 10.5cm 35g Sinking


Super long casting lure in super light metal alloy with a lively erratic action. On a spinstop the lure will rotate immediately away from the centreline and retrieve, flashing the most provoking way. Other key features include: 

• Super long cast design
• Erratic action
• 360 immediate rotation on spin stop


5. Savage Gear Pro Grub Kit 52 PCS 


This kit features no less than 40 lures and a handful of super useful accessories. The pro grub provides amazing movements even at slow speeds and works great with smaller jig heads or even on the dropshot and is a super lure for catching perch, trout and zander – though give it half a chance and it will catch just about any predator out there.


We hope you have seen some great gear that you want to get your hands on. If you have seen anything that you like then please visit our store our you can shop online

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