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Manor house fisheries

Manor house fisheries

Set in quiet and peaceful surroundings Manor house fishery is somewhere all anglers should definitely consider visiting! It is set in the peaceful town of Garstang, Lancashire which is about an hour and a half drive away from our Liverpool store


This is a private fishery with toilets on site, large car parks and plenty of pegs on site. You can also expect a very friendly atmosphere when visiting here. They have been established for well over 20 years with constant re-stocking. With plenty of ponds there is something for every angler whether or not you are a beginner or experienced one. They are also an award winning farm which was featured on the BBC's nature of Britain for the great conservation work carried out here.  


There are four waters which are very well established with 10-30 pegs ranging across the waters. Taking just two of the waters at the fishery, pond 1 contains plenty of carp, bream, rudd perch and much more. There are specimen weights in all of these species and baits that work well here are maggots corn and pellets. Pond 4 is another one to try your hand at. This features similar species to the first one and has 30 pegs. In terms of the weight of the fish you will find here carp weighs up to 15lb, roach up to 2lb, bream up to 4lb and perch up to 3lb. 


As ever there are rules that need to be followed when visiting this fishery. The rules here are designed to safeguard the fish stocks and ensure visitors have an enjoyable trip to the fishery. Some of the rules include unhooking mats must be used, barbless hooks only, fish care products must be used before returning fish to the waters and no tins are allowed on the bank. There is also no night fishing available here. For information on tickets or how to become a member it is best to visit their website.  


Photos courtesy of Manor house fisheries 





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