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Take a look at these sonubaits liquids and oils

Take a look at these sonubaits liquids and oils

We have some exciting new sonubaits liquids and oils which have come into our store this week. At Taskers Angling we thought we would bring you some more information on these liquids and oils so you know which ones suit you best. 


1. Sonubaits Absolute Liquid Flavours 200ml


These are high quality liquid flavours which are perfect for enhancing your feed and hookbaits including groundbait, pellets and hookbaits such as expanders and band'ums. No added colours ensure our liquid flavours offer absolute flavour without changing other attributes of your bait. 


It is also supplied in a convenient bottle with click cap and squirty lid. It is also available in eight great flavours and adds extra flavour when mixing groundbait or preparing pellets. it is highly soluble in water as well. 


2. Sonubaits Barbel & Carp Liquid Enhancers


Some of the highest quality hemp oils available with the addition of halibut, cheesy garlic and spicy sausage flavours. They are the perfect addition to feeder mixes, PVA bags, boilies, pellets or groundbait when looking for a potent fish attractor which can be used in all conditions. Can also be added to pellets or groundbaits


3. Sonubaits Clear Pellet Oil 200ml


This has the unique characteristic of being a heavy, sinking oil that can be used to enhance performance of otherwise unpredictable fishery pellets. It is also an incredibly stable oil allowing it to be used in very warm or very cold temperatures without risking a change to its characteristics. An even coating of this oil will ensure that every pellet sinks straight to the bottom at an even rate. Comes in five flavours and is supplied in a convenient bottle with a click cap squirty lid.   


We have all of these items available in-store as well as online so theres plenty of ways you can get your hands on them. If you have any questions then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.



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