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Century Sea Fishing

Century Sea Fishing

Century has been making rods in the North East of England for over 40 years. During this period Century have constantly improved designs and technology still remaining a market leader; often being the company to beat for other rod builders. Century's advancements in carbon fibre and graphene technologies has not gone unnoticed in aerospace and formula circles- meaning Century's expertise are always in high demand; not just in the angling community.

At the moment Century offer 4 distinct ranges of sea rods- there are others still available, but these are in the greatest demand; Tip Tornado Graphex, Eliminator, Excalibur & Kompressor. If you are looking for a rod which won't break the bank Century have brought out the Fireblade- which offers amazing value for money and is well worth checking out! If you wish to find out about the other rods Century have to offer please visit their site at:

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Tip Tornado Graphex- this is the 3rd generation of Tip Tornado rods- the 2nd generation are still available- the 3rd gen' embodies the best of old and new. Featuring the same 5 models with drastic improvements in technology; the Graphex range has graphene infused into its structure giving the rods the benefits of: durability, distance, tracking, sensitivity, dampening recovery to neutral and weight saving. The 5 models in the range are: the Sport, the Super Match, the Match, the Super Match Low Diameter and the Ultra Lite. There is something in this range for everyone, the Sport with it's carbon tip has unbelievable power and is designed as a heavy to mixed ground rod were-as the Super Match with it glass tip has superb bite detection and is more suited to mixed ground- yet still has more than enough power to deal with larger species and tidal currents, it's just not as suited to bully fish through snags and kelp. If you wish to know more about this range of rods then please visit Century's website. If you are after something you can really enjoy using especially when you want to feel the fish fighting on the end I would definitely look the Ultra Lite- it is an absolute joy to use. Providing a feel sense of enjoyment when playing different species through the surf.


Eliminator- this range has proven to be extremely popular. There are 5 distinct models with something to suit everyone. The range includes: the T1200, T1000, T900-SGT, T800-SGT & T700-SGT.                                                                             The T1200 is designed as an extreme rough ground/ field rod, capable of achieving extreme distances in the right hands. The current world record which is held by Danny Moskoeps was set using a T1200. Although the rod is designed with this in mind it can still be forgiving and used as a more than capable beachcaster. It is more suited to areas with thick kelp or snags.                   The T1000 is an all out rough ground rod, still capable of huge distances and bully fish through the kelp. It's carbon tip when paired with braid offers very good bite detection. This model is highly suited to areas with a strong tidal pull such as rivers, estuaries and channels.                                                                               The T900-SGT, I believe, is the best all-rounder of the range. Offering unbeatable bite detection with it's super glass tip (SGT), forgiving in the cast, capable of extreme distances with less effort than rivals, suited to a huge array of venues- at home in strong tides, clean beaches, rocks, kelp- this rod can handle it all. If you want a rod for everything then I highly recommend reading up about this one! You will not be disappointed.                                                               The T800-SGT is such a nice rod to use, extremely forgiving and suited to all styles of casting. It is more suited to mixed to smooth ground but is still capable of handling large tides and fish- it makes a nice change to a traditional match rods picking up the smallest of bites and still capable of bulling larger fish in. It's lightweight and is a pleasure to use when fishing in the surf for bass. It is very good for rays and flatties; providing pleasure with even the smaller of specimens.                                                                                                                   The T700-SGT is a bit of a hybrid between a continental style of rod and the traditional. At 15ft is towers over the surf and keeps your line well out the way of snags and the tidal surge. It is highly suited to fishing in the surf for bass. The rod casts best with and OTG (off the ground) or overhead thump cast. The rod has proven extremely popular with customers who can no longer perform a pendulum and have altered their casting technique- this rod is capable of extreme distances using these styles of casting with not too much effort.   No photo description available.    

The Excalibur range offers three models; the TT, the C-Curve & the J-Curve. The TT is unbelievably powerful. It is suited to rough ground and is more than capable of holding it's own on the field tournament casting.                                       The C-Curve is a truly amazing rod. Paired with braid has brilliant bite detection, it is suited to most casting styles and is still forgiving in the cast. It is highly suited to fishing areas with extreme tidal pull such as the Bristol Channel and River Mersey; two of the harshest tides in the world! The carbon tip will sit perfectly in the tide.                                                                                                     The J-curve is a pleasure to use; easy to compress, very good bite detection and is still capable of launching large baits and hauling in your next PB. No photo description available.

The Kompressor range also offers three distinct models all with carbon tips: the WR300 (the first rod to cast over 300 yards at a UKSF Grand Prix), the Super Sport (SS) & the Sport (S). The WR300 is a very traditional rod suited to a full high swing pendulum and is still very capable of holding it's own on the modern tournament field. The SS is a very capable rod suited to heavy ground marks where you need something that can bully the fish through snags and kelp, it is more than able to handle anything that you can catch when UK shore fishing. The S is slightly more forgiving to use, easier to compress as it's a little softer in the tip- but is still a very capable rod; suited to rough-medium ground fishing and would be right at home when fishing areas will strong tides and undertows. 

If you are looking at the Century range and are at all unsure which rod is best suited to you and your style of fishing please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to help. 

If you are looking at the Century range to fish locally to us- eg. the River Mersey we have found that most customers tend to go with the Eliminator T900-SGT or the Excalibur C-Curve, these two rods are capable of fishing anywhere and fit right at home on the River. If you want a bit more sport from your fishing and tend towards something a bit softer in the blank then  possibly look at the Tip Tornado Super Match or Eliminator T800-SGT

It is impossible for me to produce a single blog with all of the information about Century and it's range of rods. So please be sure to look around at all the different forums and write-ups on he different models in order to find what is best suited to you. The best way to find out it to try them for yourself, if you can try and find a friend who already has a rod from the Century range- this should point you in the right direction to finding the rod for you!

Please keep an eye out for all of our future blogs. Thank you. 

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