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Stocking Fillers For Carp Anglers 2022

Stocking Fillers For Carp Anglers 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and with only a couple of days left until the big day some of you might be trying to get some last minute stocking fillers. Here at Taskers Angling we have got you covered with some great stocking fillers for that Carp angler you know. Take a read through this blog to see if there are any that you think will make a good Christmas gift. 

1. Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Toaster
These toasters are perfect for taking to the water so you can make something tasty. Whether you just want to  rustle up a quick toasted sandwich, or you’re looking to get a whole meal grilled in no time then this is the one for you.  The cool touch handles fold away for convenient packing, locking in place with magnetic closure, which keeps your toaster compact and protected while in transit. Features a unique detachable hinge design, which helps prevent wear. Would make a great stocking filler. 
2. Spomb Large
A highly affordable stocking filler which will be great for the carp angler you know. Aerodynamic design allows for accurate baiting at range even in strong winds. Fast and easy retrieve with the opened Spomb gliding effortlessly across the top of the water with little to no resistance.  Perfect for baiting with large quantities very quickly and available in either black or white. 
3. RidgeMonkey Square Kettle
Features a  unique, cubed design, and lightweight, hardwearing anodised aluminium body. The cool touch handle means you can grab the kettle straight off the stove as soon as it comes to the boil, giving you a hot drink that will warm you right through from the first sip. Available in two size options, the small kettle has 0.5litre capacity, and is perfect for lone anglers or for short sessions, while the 1.1litre large kettle is the best option for those all day sessions with mates.
4. RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR
Comes in three different colours which are white, red and green. Features smooth brightness control and a wireless remote control. Other key features to this light include: 

- Quad LED power indicator

- Micro USB charging port

- Sealed IP64 dust and water resistant casing

- Robust construction with sleek GunMetal Grey finish

A perfect stocking filler for someone who is a night angler. 


5. Korda Kore Coolmax Socks (UK 7-9)


No stocking filler is complete without a pair of socks! These socks are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, and are meant for use during the warmer months of the year, with a three seasons rating. The ventilation mesh material that is used in their construction offers superb breathability, temperature control and moisture wicking. 


We hope that you have seen some great stocking fillers that you can get for your loved one this Christmas! Visit us in-store to make sure that you get all of your gifts before the big day. 

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