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New In For 2023

New In For 2023

Its a new year and here at Taskers Angling we have plenty of new gear available for you to get your hands on! Have a read through our blog to see what catches your eye. 


1. Fox Rage Voyager Camo Soft Bait Binder


Perfect for organising and carrying your soft baits in a secure way. Designed for storing your soft baits separately and can also be partnered with the fox fishing lures. There is a ring binder style holding system, a fox rage camo design and heavy duty camo zips.  


2. Fox Rage Cord Flat Peak Cap


Super stylish, flat-peaked cap in a textured, cord finish, perfect to make you look good out on the bank. It is made of high quality materials with a plastic snap adjustment. Perfect for the Spring and Summer months so you can keep your eyes protected from the sun. 

3. Lew's Team Pro Ti SLP Left Hand Baitcaster

Lew's fishing reels are some of the best around and you will definitely be able to land some big catches using one. This reel insures that you will never sacrifice strength for style again! Features a hard aluminum alloy Speed Gears, cut on a precision Hamai CNC gear hobbing machine. Other key features include 
- One-piece aluminum frame
- Aluminum sideplates
- Aircraft-grade double anodized Duralumin drilled and chamfered U-shape 32mm spool
- QuietCast® externally Adjustable Centrifugal Brake system
4. NGT Aluminium Outdoor Kettle 1.1L

A kettle is one of the essential items to take to the water with you. You can keep yourself warm with hot drinks for as long as your by the water and this is the perfect kettle to do that with. It is lightweight with a folding handle and constructed from anodised aluminium. 
5. Fox Lightweight Camo Snood 

A very lightweight and breathable snood which will keep you warm during the winter months! Keeps your head and neck insulated in the cold and is styled with the unique fox camo pattern. Can be worn in multiple ways i.e. hat, scarf, mask or balaclava. 
We hope that you have seen some gear that you want to get your hands on this year. If you have any questions then please visit our store or give us a call on  0151 260 6015.
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