18 products

    18 products
    E-SOX Snap Tackle Barbed
    E-SOX Zeppler Float
    Sale price £3.15 Regular price £3.50 Save £0.35
    E-SOX Jell-Ignite Soft Shad Lures - Mixed
    Sale price £3.59 Regular price £3.99 Save £0.40
    E-SOX Bait Trace (semi barbed)
    E-SOX Revolver Spin Trace
    E-SOX Wag Lures 6cm
    E-SOX Snap Tackle (semi barbed)
    E-SOX Jester Lures 7cm
    E-SOX Piker Float
    E-SOX Zombie Lures 13cm
    E-SOX Slim Crimps
    E-SOX Drongo Lures 8cm
    E-SOX Extra Strong Pike Trebles (Barbed)
    E-SOX Green Pike Wire
    E-SOX Soft Strand Wire
    E-SOX 7 Strand Pike Wire
    Sale price £5.36 Regular price £5.95 Save £0.59
    E-SOX Power Pikeflex 12ft Rod 3.25lb
    E-SOX Super Trace Wire

    Taskers Angling - Established in 1978. The Northwest's largest supplier of products from  leading brand names such as Nash, Korda, ESP, Shimano, Trakker, Jack Pyke, Thinking Anglers, Ridgemonkey & many more. 

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